Data Talking


Data Talking

In most surveys we put out to teachers, 'data' and 'spreadsheets' are regular request items. So for the next 2 weeks we are doing just that! 

Welcome to Part 1: a 30-40 skills session, and what we've selected is based on research we have conducted from the many spreadsheets that teachers at Singapore American School have shared with us. Isolating key skills and distilling them into 1 short session has been challenging, but as always, these face-to-face sessions are intended primarily to open dialogue between our teachers, and to establish relationships with our coaches that lead to classroom opportunities. 

Participants should view this session as a taster, and then book their respective coach for more 1:1 advice and assistance with collecting, managing and using 'data'. 



NOTE: This session is a continuation of the action-research approach we are pivoting towards with 'The LOFT Professional Learning programme. These are all 'backyard' spreadsheets, developed by individual teachers for their own use in their own specific context. We're interested in this because ultimately we want to build the tools (a Dashboard) that teachers and students need and can use. These individual sheets show us the 'gaps' in our existing structures. 

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