Learning in The LOFT: A Teacher's Reflection


Learning in The LOFT: A Teacher's Reflection
posted on behalf of Bridget Rigg-Anderson 

The Loft is truly inspires teachers and students to be curious, innovative and reflective learners.

BreakoutEDU - In September I attended the BreakoutEDU PD offered by the creators of BreakoutEDU. During that PD, in collaboration with Keith Ferrell, the G3 Tech Coach, we wrote our own Breakout focused on paragraph writing. All G3 teachers used our Breakout with their classes. The class offered by the LOFT gave me the opportunity to refine our Breakout. I am now in the process of planning a second one using Google Maps for the G3 Village Called Earth social studies unit being taught second semester.


Minecraft - This session gave me "street-cred" with my students as I can now speak a tiny smidgen of Minecraft. As far as using Minecraft to help the students write, nope, it isn't going to happen. I’m sure that teachers can turn Minecraft into a valuable writing teaching tool, but I’m just not that teacher.

Sheets: Part 2 - I have been able to apply some of the shortcuts that I learned to my spreadsheets. I can now colorcode cells and use the basic averaging formula. I still need a lot more of guided practice using the formulas to effectively use Sheets. I don’t yet speak Sheets.

Coding - Thanks for sharing different learning to code sites for students. My homeroom students and I thoroughly enjoy the challenges of coding. Even when frustrated, no one wants to stop. Six of my math students were able to achieve "Coding Certificates" during the Hour of Code this year. I'm contemplating offering a Coding EASA next school year. I figured it would be a win-win situation where I would be both a facilitator and a learner.

Virtual Reality - The LOFT class on VR was my second exposure to this very interesting technology. I plan on using VR in the upcoming Village Called Earth Unit. I hope to take my students on journeys to arid landscapes, inside schools, and to hospitals to reflect on how people meet their basic needs.

*Screencasting - Although I didn't officially attend this class, my darling husband, James, shared with me what he learned. I have since made a screencast to help my students transfer their NF books in Google Drive to pdfs to upload in Flipsnack. The kids loved the screencast and I loved not having to repeat the same directions multiple times.

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