Dr MAPTest...or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Test


Dr MAPTest or how I learned to stop worrying and love The Test

This session is designed to (a) get you setup, verified and comfortable with the MAP testing procedures for grade 3-5. ​This year, we will (officially) be conducting all tech support/assistance via (b) Google Hangouts. This in place of calling 6911 (IT) or waiting for help to physically come down the corridor (hailing a cab method)...This PD will therefore indeed ensure those unfamiliar with Hangouts will become familiar in preparation for MAP testing day. 

We'll cover how to:
  1. get rapid-response support via Hangouts 
  2. check and verify your NWEA account, 
  3. give a practice MAP Test to your students, 
  4. iPad setup
  5. Prepare and proctor a MAP test
  6. troubleshoot your way out of having to (refer to point 1)...

The LOFT PD is: 'Just-in-time, Voluntary, in-house, and everyday'. Follow us on twitter via #SAStheLOFT

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