Seesaw Feedback


K-2 WL teachers attended a Seesaw session in The Loft last Wednesday and began implementing this tool for students to share their learning straight away.  After testing it out with G1 and G2 students, I was so pleased to read their positive feedback.  See their comments below:

"On Thursday I did a Seesaw trial with Grade 1 kids, then checked Friday to see if there were any login, "error" issues. There were none, so I plan to use Seesaw from now on for G1 and G2. One benefit is students could easily listen to each other's work, very smooth."

"I tried it with my G1 class too. It went very well. Kids are really quick getting familiar with seesaw. Students can view each other's work which is really nice. And it's easier for me and my assistant to manage it too."

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