This week in The LOFT, we turn our attention to Minecraft. Much has been said and written about Minecraft since bursting onto the education landscape several years ago, but with the impending release of MinecraftEDU by [our 'friends' at] Microsoft, as well as an uptake in interest in Minecraft by our teachers at SAS: we thought the time was nigh...

The focus on this session as always is to get to the 'Why'. For us, it's a belief that Minecraft taps into student interest; promotes creativity, critical thinking and collaboration; and, it therefore promotes student learning outcomes. And it's just plain fun!

Written and prepared by Keith Ferrell (@kferrell) in consultation with the K-12 Technology team at Singapore American School, this session covers some territory that includes:

How to use Minecraft to engage students to learn and also some of the skills needed to get up and running with Minecraft. There are samples of work that have been down in SAS classrooms as well as other schools, and of course referenced according to our school's Desired Student Learning Outcomes (DSLOs). 

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