Making Timelines with your Class - Here are 4 options to consider


Below are 4 different options for making timelines with your class. I have also included some pros and cons for each. The 4 options are:

  • Animated timeline from
  • Using Popplet on the iPad
  • Using Google Slides to make a basic animated timeline
  • Using to create scenes of each stage

Animated Timeline - (Laptop)

Click here for the website

Click here for the timeline sample file


  • Easy to embed in blogs
  • Years are to scale


  • Adding in photos requires using a link to the image.
  • Editing then publishing the spreadsheet

Using Popplet on the iPad


  • Quick and easy to make
  • Easy to add pictures
  • Students can do this independently


  • Can be hard to read on the blog unless you click on the image.
  • Can get hard to read if there many cells in the Popplet

Click on the picture to see a full size version of the timeline.

Google Slides Animated Timeline (Laptop or iPad)

Using Google Slides with a slide right transition you can make a very basic animated timeline.
Click here for the template file you can share with your students.

  • The students can do this independently
  • Easy to embed in the blog
  • Updates as changes are made
  • Can be edited and created on either the iPad or you Laptop

  • You cannot see the whole timeline on one page

  • Looks good and the students create their own individual pieces.
  • You can customise the all the character positions, colors etc.
  • You can create a free account using Google Sign In.
  • Can take a long time for some students to create each scene.
  • Embeds very wide in the blog, you need to add a width="600" command to the HTML embed code.
  • has a habit of sending lots of update emails about their product after you sign up.
Other Notes
You could create a class timeline and break up the years so that each student only has to make one or two frames. Put it together in Google Slides at the end.

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